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neurofeedback * infrared therapy * brainwave meditation * movement therapy * energy healing * vibration therapy * vitamin nutrition

About the retreat and biohacking

Detailed blood testing including telomeres test to assess age

Intensive neurofeedback training to improve your IQ

Skin treatments with noninvasive methods and using exosomes

Additional devices : alpha stim , brain tap, Joovv to speed up  recovery

We want you to leave smarter and younger looking

Targeted nutrition with private chef and all the supplements support you need

Recovery is an important part of the retreat

Pilates with a focus on alignment, yoga and other forms of movement

Connecting with nature and grounding

Meditation classes -immersion in Tapping, neuroplasticity

Ancient Medicine Wisdom



Neurofeedback. Improve your executive function and your IQ Enhance your relationships.


Free up your energy. Reset. Supports relaxation and physical healing


Infrared light: helps with detox and pain, balances hormones and gives you youthful


High quality supplements designed to optimize your brain and body. Protocol based on your test results

Brainwave Meditation

The best meditation app for your unique brain.Revitalize and reboot


Alpha stim – get your Alpha brainwave on and fast-track your professional development


Better bone density. Increased muscle strength. Improves lymph and blood flow.


Test don’t guess Vitamins and antioxidants, inflammation markers, telomere aging

Event Dates & Locations

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Previous Retreats
Acapulco, Mexico Wellness Retreat
Feb 2021

GlowCamp Wellness Retreat
Lake Lanier, Atlanta
March 5th


We choose different locations based on certain criteria like the theme of the retreat or number of participants. All locations are exquisite, peaceful, safe, and easy to reach. For most retreats we do require participants to be onsite.

Absolutely! Meals are cooked with fresh ingredients, locally sourced healthy foods and overall we do try to avoid most common allergens. Simply inform us about your food allergies so we can communicate those needs to our chef.

We do not have the capacity of taking care of pets, but we can provide some suggestions for local pet care facilities. We invite kids 15 and older for certain retreats for example ‘’Mother and daughter’’. Please check with one of the coordinators for details

Yes, we cover food, luxurious accommodations, treatments, airport shuttle. Flight cost is the only item not included.

 We do require a deposit that is not refundable. For the rest of the balance, we do have cancellation policies in place .Check with your program coordinator about details

Are you someone committed to getting the best out of your life and being the best version of yourself? Are you curious, open-minded, and looking to take your life to the next level? Then this is the place for you!

Yes, we do. We can customize a corporate program to meet the needs of your organization

Yes, we do use PAYPAL Credit as our payment plan provider. If you qualify for the plan one can put most of the fee through the payment plan with 0% interest for 6 months.

The retreats are led by Dr Dana Neacsu. She is a medical doctor trained in conventional medicine and functional/integrative medicine which allows her to treat and direct her patients and guests through a wide range of methods. In addition to that she has various guests and carefully selected practitioners who will offer their own expertise in this field. Learn more here about us

The cost varies depending on which retreat you are choosing. If interested, click here… and we will send you a brochure with further details.

Also keep in mind that certain treatments like Neurofeedback , blood testing, the initial consultation with the doctor might be reimbursed to some degree by your insurance. We do not file claims for you, but we are able to give you a superbill with diagnostic codes for  your insurance.


Message from Dr. Dana Neacsu

Sometimes its not enough to try on your own, you need a team and a tribe who would hold your hand and push you when you need. Wellness and healing journeys can be long, challenging but the results are life changing. We have been looking, solving, and perfecting these solutions for years now and we are ready to share with you. 

Above everything the human connection and friendships you will gain will stay with you forever. Truly a mind-body- soul approach our retreats are a unique combination of medicine, biohacking, movement, mindfulness, and energy under my strict but loving supervision!


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